Pixels Breakdown

Technical Details
Title: World 0| Format: Java-based game | Creation: Processing, Photoshop | Date: Spring 2014

Informed by an interest in glitch aesthetic, this work uses the pathos of glitches to think about memory breakdown in both computer systems and a person’s memory.

Immediately nostalgic (the artist’s favorite classic Nintendo games come to mind), the top down pixel world of the avatar (the artist) crunches 22 years of memory into a few concrete images. Childhood home, first bike, first car, that college campus… the player can guide the avatar around the world freely for a while, sightseeing. But this stroll down memory lane is cut short by the invasion of graphical glitches (created through data bending) that tear the imagery into pieces. Eventually… nothing but incoherent pixels are left, even as the avatar can still wander, forlorn, beneath a sea of chaos.

By connecting video game glitches to memory, the work becomes a reflection on the inherent imperfection of the worlds we create, and leave behind.

World 0 from KT Green on Vimeo.

self portrait