Cinematic Virtual Space

Technical Details
Title: Thanatos | Format: Video Game, Live Installation | Creation: Maya, Untiy, Various props | Date: Fall 2013-Fall 2014

“Thanatos” is an intense personal undertaking that involved deep introspection and research, along with time spent modeling, texturing, rendering, and, finally, transforming a living space into a total installation.

Referencing Freudian Psychology and the Western tradition of “armchair” therapy, the spaces of “Thanatos” reflect upon the toil isolation can take on a person who tries to be their own therapist, constantly looking inward and heedless of the outside world. Neurotic instability haunts the cramped apartment in both real and virtual realities, enhanced by small ambient noises; the steady hum of the air conditioner, the quiet rush of traffic beyond the closed curtains. What kind of person lived here, and why have they been driven so far inside their own head? The mythology of the space is built by the small details for those who brave enough to look closer.

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