Cryptic Science

Technical Details
Title: Sixeleitak Records | Format: Installation, Video, Photos, Sculptures | Creation: Maya, After Effects, Sculpey Clay|

Installation: On-Site in FAC Blackbox | Date: Spring 2014

This creation was a result of a collaboration between myself and Elexis King, a fellow UF Art+Tech undergrad. The concept was born during a weekend trip to Sea Horse Key, a small island off the coast of Cedar Key that is normally used for legitimate scientific research, but this time around was host to a couple of scientific pretenders (that’s us).

“Doris Sixeleitak” is a creature hailing from an internal cryptozoology; a rare breed of sea slug that begins life as a small, iridescent egg and eventually grows from a squirming larva into a  magnificent (but elusive) beast nearly the size of a human. Elexis and I had arrived on this island to study the breeding and feeding habits of this creature, in an attempt to prove the existence of a new species.

The result of our research was an installation of our researchers desk, a hybrid that both mimicked reality and mocked it with a bit of a theatrical slant. The records on the desk and files in the computer can be rifled through by anyone curious enough to learn more about the creature. With 3D modeling, video recording, photo editing, writing, animating, compositing, sculpting, and installing all at hand, an immense amount of creation was involved here.

Perhaps, almost enough creative work to convince some that the Sixelitak lives…?

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