Katherine (Katie) Ann Green


I work across many disciplines, both traditional and digital. My work explores ideas of place and perception. I seek a career as an artist that allows room for passion and enthusiasm.


College Undergrad | 2009-2014

I graduated from University of Florida’s Fine Arts: Art and Technology Program on May 3rd, 2014.
I have a GPA of 3.87 with 142.0 total credits earned up to this semester.

High School Degree | 2009

I attended Land O’ Lakes High School for two years, before moving to the new school Sunlake High School.
I graduated in the first graduating class of this school. I was in the top 10% of my class as 4th in the entire
school with a weighted GPA of 4.2

Private Art Classes | 1996-2007

I attended private art classes learning technical traditional skills for the greater part of my life with a talented mentor.

College Grad | 2015-

I am currently attending The University of California’s Digital Arts and New Media program, seeking an MFA in playable media.


Traditional Skills- Draw, Paint, Sculpt: childhood-present

I am an affluent painter, I draw, and I have experience with printmaking and sculpture.
I can create character designs, large and small scale watercolor and acrylic paintings, and all matter of drawings.

Adobe Photoshop | 2009-now

I have years of dedicated experience with Photoshop.
I can edit photographs, create designs and paint digitally with the program,
which is virtually never closed on my personal computer.

Pixel Art | 2010-now

I have created many pixel based sprite animations and backgrounds, for use in games and simply for aesthetic appeal.

Drawing with a Tablet | 2010-now

I own a Wacom intuos4, and have been using it nearly every day since I got in back in 2010.
I draw and paint digitally as often as I do traditionally.

Adobe Illustrator | 2009-now

I have years of experience with Illustrator. I use it primarily to create sleek vector based designs, layouts, and text based imagery.

Adobe InDesign | 2009-now

I have years of experience with InDesign. I use it primarily for the creation of digital portfolios and brochure/book layouts.

Adobe Dreamweaver/ Web Design | 2009-now

I have used Dreamweaver to create web pages and have average HTML knowledge.

Adobe Flash | 2009-2014

I create Flash based animations and web pages using this program.

Adobe After Effects | 2012-now

I use this program to generate special effects and edits for video.

Final Cut Pro | 2011-2014

I edit video with this Mac based program.

Autodesk Maya | 2011-now

I have used this 3D modeling program to make animations, 3D printer objects, and composited video projects.
Lately Maya has become as heavily ingrained in my art process as Photoshop.

Autodesk Mudbox | 2014-now

I have used this program to add rich detail and realism to my maya models.

Unity | 2010-now

The Unity developer/game engine is the main tool I have used to create games over the years.

Processing/Coding Skills | 2013-now

I took a programming class for artists and learned how to use the Processing coding program to make art.

Arduino/Microcontrollers | 2013-now

I have basic experience with using microcontrollers like Arduino Uno in conjunction with sensors and computers to make interactive art.

Zbrush | 2014-now

I have used this program to add rich detail and realism to my maya models, and for work at Cool Dims.


Cool Dims Art Team member | 2014-2015

I worked at this Tampa-based start up company as a digital artist, helping to establish it. My primary job was touching up complex 3D scanned models of costumers to be 3D printed and sold as products.

Micheal’s Art and Craft’s Associate | 2014-2015

I worked as a cashier and assistant framing associate at this national arts and crafts chain. I dealt with multi-tasking, dealing with customers and product knowledge.

TRIBASE Art Team member | 2014-2015

I am a team member of the Gainesville-based Indie game development studio, Tribase (a studio that split off of Ignition Entertainment). At the moment my primary responsibility is creating 2D GUI graphics and pixel based sprites, but 3D modeling is also part of the job. Many art assets that I crated can be found in Honey Dash, available on the app store.

Digital Arts Media Network (DAMN) Club President | 2013-2014

As leader of the Art+Tech department’s student club, I organized weekly meetings and outside activities such as Art Bash. Anyone could join this club, which emphasized enthusiasm for digital art. It allows students opportunities outside of class to earn scholarships, internships, jobs, and experience.

MUSE volunteer at the Harn Museum of Art | 2014

The MUSE program brings students from all disciplines together to plan and execute activities for patrons at the monthly Museum Night’s event. As a MUSE, I used creative problem solving skills to teach visitors about the art of various cultures and provide fun activates within a theme.

Volunteer Work | Early 2000s-present

I have many volunteer positions that required me to exercise reliability, responsibility, and endurance:

First United Methodist Church of Lutz: Over 5 years experience with teaching and caring for Elementary aged children.
Baby Gator: I volunteered here for two semesters, caring for four and five year old children
Costal Cleanup: For many years I was involved in this ecological cleanup program.


Katerie Gladys : kgladdys@ufl.edu

Head of Art and Technology Program

Jack Stenner : stenner@UFL.EDU

Head of Art and Technology Program


Rizzi Scholarship | 2013

Awarded $1000 scholarship for my art portfolio

Uelsmann Scholarship | 2013

Awarded $500 scholarship for my art portfolio

CASE Third place | 2014

Placed third in this collaborative Arts and Sciences contest