Art that explores Neurodegenerative Illness

Technical Details
Title: Lucid Degeneration | Format: 3D printed model | Creation: Maya, Mudbox, Solid Doodle printer | Dimensions: 17x8x14 inches |

A collaborative project between myself and Science student Andrew Kolarich as part of the University of Florida’s Creativity in the Arts and Sciences Event (CASE), which “allows science and art students the opportunity to collaborate on projects that incorporate science and art.”

The complex project visualizes the importance of connections between brain, body.  It was made possible by the combined efforts of artist (technical expertise, concept, creative training) and scientist (knowledge, tenacity, vision).

Thanks to precise connectedness of the body, it is devastating it is to lose control of ones brain. Those stricken with Neurodegenerative deceases such as Altimeters  struggle to maintain intellectual and physical integrity, creating a strong urgency for deeper understanding of the brain through science. Yet an inherent paradox exists in the study of the mind; to contemplate the structure of the brain is to explore ourselves. This project attempts to materialize this without reducing the problem of Neurodegenerative decay to sentimentalism: The twisted hands reach out towards a suspended brain through scientific methods; seeking answers about what makes an individual who they are and how to maintain that reality.

The model was sketched on paper first, then crafted in Autodesk Maya and Mudbox before being sent to the (hand built) Solidoodle printer and emerging into real space from the digital.

It was awarded third place in the CASE awards.

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