Introduction to CGI through 3D Printing

Technical Details
Title: Computer Worms | Format: 3D printed models | Creation: Maya, ZCorp printer | Dimensions: 3x2x3 inches | Date: Spring 2012 |

These creatures represent the artist’s first foray into the world of 3D modeling, ignited by a fascination with the 3D fabrication machine.

The three worm characters represent the history of the computer “virus” as it evolved from harmless experiments into powerful tools of crime, espionage, and potentially war. Informed by popular imagery to allow for accessibility and appeal, the design of the creatures reflected specific computer viruses well-known in the history of the concept.

The small, droopy eyed blue worm is the “Creeper,” the “original” computer virus that infected a local network of ARPNET computer back in the early 1970’s;  toothless little “Creeper” is harmless and curious. However, the fanged, many-eyed tentacle beast opposite Creeper has a design based off of “Flame,” a shockingly powerful program designed to infiltrate the networks of potential terrorists in 2012. As the model has many eyes and tentacles, so “Flame” could gather data ranging from keystrokes to Skype calls, a precise spying machine that missed nothing.

The evolving design of the 3D worms reflects the increasing threat computer viruses pose concerning privacy and data protection. They also clearly illustrate the evolving control of the artist over 3D modeling tools!

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